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Hello gentle Americans. In the mid 90s nothing made me laugh more than two aging fashionistas, living in a world of depraved excess, in a tawny part of London. The BBC TV show "Absolutely Fabulous" aired from 1992-2002. It starred Jennifer Saunders as Edina, the pudgy and privileged, redheaded fashion road kill, and Joanna Lumley as Patsy, the fried-bleached-blond-beehived, drug addled fashion editor.

They were so over, over the top that I recall one episode where Patsy was in Edina’s kitchen when she lit it on fire. There she is, slumped over the table, with half of her Chanel-clad body covered in soot, lit cigarette hanging out of her mouth. I am giggling just thinking about it.

As a gift to their many fans the BBC has brought back the dynamic duo, along with the original cast, for a handful of half-hour episodes. Instead of having them stuck in the past, they are thrust into the present still covered in gads of labels, piled up and obsessed with the Kardashians like the rest of the world.


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