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Miami Book Fair International 2014 Promises Literary Delights, Part 2

| By Jesse Monteagudo | Thursday Nov 20, 2014
Like a welcome tonic after the recent elections, and in anticipation of the holiday season, Miami Book Fair International (MBFI) brings together readers, writers, publishers and book sellers for a week of literary delights.

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Food Books: A Very Good Year for Geeks and Grains

| By J.M. Hirsch | Nov 19
Geeks, grains and globe-trotting. Nearly every one of this year's best food books seems to fall into one of those categories.

Lesbian Mom Kickstarts Donor-Conceived Children's Book

| By Winnie McCroy | Nov 15
A U.S. Navy veteran and lesbian author of a new, professionally-illustrated children's book for donor-conceived children of two-mom lesbian families has launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish the book.

Miami Book Fair Spotlights LGBT Issues, Authors

| By JW Arnold | Nov 14
Miami Book Fair International, the nation's largest literary event hosted annually by Miami Dade College, will again highlight issues and authors of interest to the LGBT community.

Bill Nye on Evolution, Climate Change and Advancements

| Nov 12
Bill Nye "The Science Guy" taught kids on his popular TV show in the '90s. Now he's hoping to reach a bigger crowd. He talks about his new book, "Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation."

James Gavin Explores the Strange Life of Peggy Lee

| By Kevin Scott Hall | Nov 11
Biographer James Gavin has written about Chet Baker & Lena Horne. Now he turns his attention to the great Peggy Lee, whom he once described as "as uncapturable as a smoke ring."

Inaugural Poet Returns to Miami in New Memoir

| By Christine Armario | Nov 10
Barack Obama's 2013 inaugural poet, who is openly gay, grew up in Miami, gathering experiences and stories as the son of Cuban exiles that would lay the foundation for his written work and inspire his new memoir, "The Prince of Los Cocuyos."

31st Annual Miami Book Fair International

| By Mike Halterman | Nov 9
The Miami Book Fair International opens on Sunday, November 16 and will last for eight straight days, bringing over 200,000 people to the city.

Coco Rocha Showcases the Art of Posing

| By Alicia Rancilio | Nov 2
Supermodel Coco Rocha is known for her ability to strike a pose, but she says it wasn't always appreciated. Now she has compiled a coffee-table-style book of 1,000 poses titled, "Study of Pose."

Lena Dunham Buzz & Feeds Millennials 'What She's 'Learned''

| By Jason St. Amand | Oct 20
A look at why "Not That Kind of Girl" is important to millennials, the future of writing and to Lena Dunham's career.

LGBT Science Fiction :: What It Is Depends on Where You Are

| By Daniel M. Kimmel | Oct 9
When it comes to stories about LGBTs, sci-fi authors have taken a variety of approaches. Some may feel they no longer have to prove anything while others, seeing gaps, rush to fill the need. EDGE talks to a few writers of the genre.

1 thru 10 of 542 Stories