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US Consumer Spending Edges Up in June

By Martin Crutsinger | Aug 4
Consumer spending in June rose by the smallest amount in four months as shoppers cut back on purchases of cars and other big-ticket items.

Tesla Offers 1st Incentive in Owner Referral Program

Aug 4
Electric car maker Telsa Motors Inc. is offering its first incentive, $1,000 to new-car buyers who are referred by current Tesla owners.

Higher Wages a Surprising Success for Seattle Restaurant

By Gene Johnson | Aug 2
Menu prices are up 21 percent and you don't have to tip at Ivar's Salmon House on Seattle's Lake Union after the restaurant decided to institute the city's $15-an-hour minimum wage two years ahead of schedule.

21st Century Gold Rush: Deep-Sea Mining Looms on Horizon

By David McFadden | Jul 28
The deep oceans span more than half the globe have long been known to contain vast, untapped deposits of prized minerals. These treasures of the abyss, however, have always been out of reach to miners. The era of deep seabed mining appears to be dawning.

Getting Tested Again: Municipal Bond Funds Face More Stress

By Stan Choe | Jul 27
One worry after another has hit the municipal bond market in recent years. Puerto Rico may not be able to repay its $72 billion in debt. That's significant because half of all muni-bond funds have some Puerto Rican bonds.

Consumer Alert: True Cost of Discounts at Factory Outlets

Jul 23
Consumer Reports editor Tod Marks joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss whether companies are cutting corners and inflating prices at outlet stores.

Google Shareholders Revel at Biggest Windfall in US History

By Michael Liedtke, Marley Jay | Jul 18
Google's stock roared out of a long slumber Friday to produce the biggest shareholder windfall in U.S. history as investors rewarded the Internet company for promising to curb its spending on risky projects.

Clinton Makes Boosting Wages Central to her Economic Plan

By Ken Thomas | Jul 14
Hillary Rodham Clinton will make boosting middle class incomes and wages the focus of her economic agenda, pointing to stagnant paychecks as the central challenge facing the U.S. economy.

Chinese Stocks vs. Reality: Shares are Untethered to Economy

By Paul Wiseman | Jul 13
When China's economy was roaring along at double digit rates in the 2000s, Chinese stocks floundered. But starting in the summer of 2014, as evidence of an economic slowdown gathered, the Shanghai Composite index climbed nearly 150 percent.

Investors in Foreign Stock Funds are Facing a 'Stress Test'

By Stan Choe | Jul 12
Many investors question their decision to move into international stock funds, largely at the expense of U.S. stocks, in recent years. That's because fear is spiking about troubles in Greece and China, while the U.S. economy continues to trudge along.

1 thru 10 of 272 Stories