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Even if you’ve never heard of Pam Doré, a.k.a "mr. Pam," chances are good that, if you are an adult gay male, you’ve seen her work. Mr. Pam is the only woman making a living as a videographer and director of gay porn. She is unquestionably a shining star in what must be the most male-defined industry in the world.

Doré, 39, began up the lubed-greasy pole of the adult male film industry after completing her studies in graduate school at San Francisco State in 1996. She found herself going from graphic designer to editor; from editor to lighting designer; then to videographer; and eventually as the lead camera in dozens of big-budget projects.

She has since worked steadily with nearly all major players in the industry, including Falcon, Raging Stallion, Jet Set, NakedSword, Hot House, Studio 2000, Bel Ami, Black Scorpion and Colt Studios. A true force of nature behind the camera, mr. Pam has shot hundreds of scenes in international locations from Scotland and Serbia to Brazil and Israel, and the Dominican Republic to Ibiza.

Along the way, she has photographed every "above the marquee" gay adult star in the business in some of their most memorable scenes. Mr. Pam, who self-identifies as bisexual, is totally professional about her work. Watching super-hot guys get it on doesn’t faze her; on the set, she’s all business.


  • Anonymous, 2012-04-18 20:16:08

    I love mr. Pam! She is everything that is great about San Francisco and the porn industry right now... Always such a joy to be around and work with? I have no idea how she is happy all the time!! Xoxo Samuel Colt

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