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Director Robin Campillo on his 'Eastern Boys'

By Frank J. Avella | Feb 26
EDGE speaks with the Cesar-nominated director Robin Campillo about his provocative & uncompromising new film "Eastern Boys."

Cherry Factory Front Echoes of Real-Life 'Breaking Bad'

Investigators originally suspected the Dell's Maraschino Cherry plant was illegally dumping "hazardous materials" into New York City's sewer system. The discovery of a secret pot farm pushed the man carrying on the family business to a violent end.

Cinema Review :: Focus

MOVIES | By Kilian Melloy | Feb 27
The movie just won't settle in and become any one thing. In the end you don't end up laughing with this movie as much as groaning at it.

Cinema Review :: The Lazarus Effect

MOVIES | By Kevin Taft | Feb 27
"The Lazarus Effect" should have been put down to spare the audience the misery of it's company.

Cinema Review :: Song of the Sea

MOVIES | By Kilian Melloy | Feb 27
In the tradition of modern animated films such as "The Painting" and "The Secret World of Arrietty," "Song of the Sea" casts its spell regardless of age. Kids will love it, and so will adults.

Cinema Review :: Eastern Boys

MOVIES | By Roger Walker-Dack | Feb 27
Filmmaker Robin Campilio's disturbing new thriller sharply contrasts two different sides of society in contemporary France with a very chilling effect.