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Book Review :: A Pleasure And A Calling

By Danielle Behrendt | Jan 7
A real estate agent who sneaks back into the houses he sells finds himself wrapped up in a tale of mystery and murder

Book Review :: Unspeakable

By Daniel Scheffler | Jan 3
Essays on life and all its intricacies we're afraid to reveal from the formidable social critic Megan Daum.

Book Review :: Male Sex Work and Society

Dec 28
When most people think of sex workers, female prostitutes come to mind. There is evidence, however, that The World's Oldest Profession may have had practitioners of both sexes all along.

Book Review :: Coming Out To Play

By Lewis Whittington | Dec 16
Coming Out memoir of soccer star Robbie Rogers

Book Review :: Five

By Oline H. Cogdill | Dec 15
Geocaching - the contemporary treasure hunt in which a GPS is used to find hidden objects - lends itself to an intriguing melding of a gripping police procedural.

Cinema Review :: Low Down

By Roger Walker-Dack | Dec 5
John Hawkes, Elle Fanning, and Glenn Close turn in good performances, but whether the film succeeds is another matter.

Book Review :: 41: A Portrait of My Father

By Phil Hall | Dec 2
Despite being in the public eye for so many years, George H.W. Bush still remains something of an enigma. This bio by his son George W. Bush clears up very little.

Book Review :: Lectures On The Will To Know

By Daniel Scheffler | Dec 2
The ninth volume in the series of annual lectures at the Collège de France from 1970-1971 from the great French thinker.

Book Review :: Prince Lestat

By JC Alvarez | Dec 1
Vampires truly live forever and the faithful can rejoice, thanks to author Anne Rice who returns to her long-lived chronicles with the latest chapter "Prince Lestat" - a feast for the imagination!

Book Review :: God'll Cut You Down

By Danielle Behrendt | Dec 1
A controversial Australian journalist ends up over his head in a southern scandal involving race, money, sex, and power.

3 thru 12 of 2320 Stories