Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo Withdraws Support for Brazilian Candidate Over LGBT Views

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 1
Actor Mark Ruffalo took to his Tumblr Monday to alert his followers that he's withdrawing his support for Brazilian presidential candidate Marina Silva over her opposition to same-sex marriage.

Lea Michele, left, and Chris Colfer, in a scene from "Glee."

GLAAD Study: Gay Depictions Increase on TV

By Lynn Elber | Oct 1
Television has increased its depiction of gay, lesbian and bisexual characters, with the edge going to cable and the Internet over broadcast networks, according to a study released Wednesday by the advocacy group GLAAD.

"Evel" Dick Donato

'Big Brother' Winner Reveals He is HIV Positive

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 1
Dick Donato, the winner of "Big Brother 8," returned to play the reality show in 2011, but mysteriously left early on, never revealing why he departed...until now. The reality TV villain says he's been living with HIV for three years.

Ali: Fear Eats The Soul

By Jake Mulligan | Oct 1
The prior Fassbinder box-set displayed the work of a master-in-training; "Ali" displays his work fully-formed. "Ali: Fear Eats the Soul"

'Knock! The Daniil Kharms Project' continues through Oct. 18 at the BCA

Knock! The Daniil Kharms Project

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 1
Enter this Theater of Absurdities forewarned: Clowns and pratfalls are only the icing on a surrealistic cake that tugs at the terrors and anxieties of the subconscious mind.

Adam Hass Hunter as Algernon Moncrieff

The Importance of Being Earnest

By Michelle Sandoval | Oct 1
A Noise Within stages Oscar Wilde's humorous play about mistaken identity and love.

About A Boy - Season One

By Christian Cintron | Oct 1
A TV show based on a movie based on a book is a tough sell. However, the magic of Minnie Driver and the strange voodoo magic of Jason Katims and his bizarre reboots make this series pretty decent. Sadly, there are no bonus features to speak of.

Roberto Berrocal, Sandra  López and Stuart Neill

Sandra López and Stuart Neill

By Jack Gardner | Oct 1
The 2014-2015 St. Hugh-Steinway Concert Serickes was kicked off with a recital by husband and wife team tenor Stuart Neill and soprano Sandra López accompanied by pianist Roberto Berrocal.

The cast of 'Smokefall'


By Colleen Cottet | Oct 1
The Goodman Theatre stages Noah Haidle's play about three generations of a middle-class family in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A Scene From LILTING


By Kilian Melloy | Oct 1
Ben Whishaw plays Richard, the grieving partner of a recently deceased young man whose mother (Cheng Pei Pei) never knew her son was gay. Or did she?