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Transsexual Activist Zoe Tur to Bruce Jenner :: Be Honest, Stop Hyping

By EDGE | Apr 26
The overwhelming response to Bruce Jenner's announcement on Friday on transitioning has been positive, but Zoe Tur, the outspoken transsexual activist, is less than thrilled with the Olympic champion-turned-reality television star.

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Cinema Review :: His Wedding Dress

By Kilian Melloy | Apr 27
This is a story in which the innocent are punished and the guilty get away with their misdeeds, and yet the human spirit soars.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: U-Turn

By Jake Mulligan | Apr 27
In "U Turn," noir is hell.

Cinema Review :: Death In Buenos Aires

By Kilian Melloy | Apr 27
Natalia Meta's impressive, atmospheric thriller recalls gritty cop movies from the 1970s -- but immerses itself in the style of the 1980s.

Cinema Review :: Jayson Bend - Queen and Country

By Kevin Taft | Apr 26
Spoofing the Bond films with a gay character seems like a clever idea... until it's not.

Cinema Review :: Xenia

By Jake Mulligan | Apr 26
This film is closer to the Italian road-comedy favorite "Il Sorpasso" than it is to the works of Araki or Almodovar. The concerns here are contemporary, but the form is old-school.

Cinema Review :: Guidance

By Padraic Maroney | Apr 25
Sometimes "Guidance" can come from the least likely of places in this comedy of faking it until you make it.

Cinema Review :: The Easy Way Out

By Roger Walker-Dack | Apr 25
The movie works well, with a combination of a very believable and funny plot that has the benefit of clever and witty script, and a stellar cast of rather wonderful French actors.

Cinema Review :: Mala Mala

By Roger Walker-Dack | Apr 25
The success of Sickles' and Santini's excellent film starts with the spot-on casting choices that they made, as each of their subjects had a compelling story to tell of their own.

Cinema Review :: New Girlfriend

By Roger Walker-Dack | Apr 25
In one of his best ever performances, one of France's finest contemporary actors, Romain Duris, totally nails a cross-dressing husband in mourning for his late wife.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Cries And Whispers

By Jake Mulligan | Apr 24
As directed by Bergman and photographed by Sven Nykvist, the film concerns three sisters: Agnes is on the verge of death, while Maria and Karen wait in angst and anguish-for reasons more egotistical than sentimental-by her bedside.

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