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Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Welcome to Me

By Christian Cintron | Jun 22
Kristen Wiig parlays her adorable sense of humor and "SNL" comedy tricks into a dramedy about mental illness. Sadly, the bonus features do not compensate for some the film's shortcomings.

CD Review :: Gigi - Original Broadway Cast Recording

By Steven Bergman | Jun 22
This new, seldom revived, recording contains enough material to welcome her into your home.

CD Review :: Something Rotten! Original Broadway Cast Recording

By Steven Bergman | Jun 19
This fresh, new musical is a must-have, as it will appeal to both the general theater-goer and the aficionado of all shows sung and danced.

CD Review :: The King & I - 2015 Broadway Cast Recording

By Steven Bergman | Jun 18
Lincoln Center once again delivers a fresh revival from the Rodgers and Hammerstein catalogue, and has now released the new cast recording.

CD Review :: Arcadia

By JC Alvarez | Jun 17
Tempered till release, the latest album effort from the electro/pop duo Mackintosh Braun "Arcadia" is emotionally present, and reminiscent of 80s Europop but with a very contemporary blend.

CD Review :: Where the Pavement Grows

By Bill Biss | Jun 17
Kimm Rogers has quite a distinct platform for her thought-provoking storytelling through song on the ten tracks that fill "Where The Pavement Grows."

CD Review :: Breathe In. Breathe Out.

By JC Alvarez | Jun 16
Don't call her a "one-hit wonder" or a "pop-princess." Hilary Duff has shed her teen-queen image and exhales into a more evolved pop/dance sound on her new full-length album "Breathe In. Breathe Out." Sparks have ignited!

CD Review :: So Classic

By JC Alvarez | Jun 15
NYC music-makers The Knocks revolutionize (without reinventing) the song of the summer with four new offerings on their EP "So Classic" which lives up to its name and emotes with glee on the dance-anthem "Collect My Love."

CD Review :: Forever

By JC Alvarez | Jun 15
On "Forever" DJ/Remix producer Alesso is determined to push the boundaries of EDM further -- and he may have succeeded on an effort that has heart as well as energy to last... forever!

CD Review :: An American In Paris - Original Broadway Cast Recording

By Steven Bergman | Jun 12
This "new" Gershwin musical may seem to be a tired concept, but, thanks to the wonderful instrumental pieces included, it creates a recording worth obtaining.

12 thru 21 of 2233 Stories