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CD Review :: Sound of A Woman

By JC Alvarez | Nov 5
Kiesza thrills with her debut full-length release. "Sound Of A Woman" roars and features a bright new voice on the pop/dance spectrum worth keeping a close eye and ear on.

CD Review :: Songs Of Innocence

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 28
This is U2, sounding like U2. Nothing more is needed - but when more is found, it's worth the while.

Theatre Review :: Ringo Starr

By Steven Skelley | Oct 27
Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band rock the King Center in Florida.

CD Review :: Neon Future I

By JC Alvarez | Oct 20
Steve Aoki's "Neon Future I" is an EDM festival dream. If this is how the future is intended, the dance floors of tomorrow land are in the best of hands. 10 hard hitting EDM hits featuring some incredible collaborations.

CD Review :: Plectrumelectrum / Art Official Age

By JC Alvarez | Oct 16
It's not a comeback but a musical (r)evolution for the artist known as Prince, who saddles up with the all-girl rock band 3RDEYEGIRL on not one, but two new albums.

CD Review :: Queen of the Clouds

By Kitty Drexel | Oct 15
This CD is quartered into the stages of a relationship: The Sex (the passionate emotions), The Love (the maturity), The Pain (the break up), For You (rememberance).

CD Review :: Holiday for Swing

By Tony Pinizzotto | Oct 13
With the release of his newest musical Christmas list, "Family Guy" Seth MacFarlane is ready to swing into your Holiday record collection.

CD Review :: Complement Fou

By JC Alvarez | Oct 13
The French pop-band Yelle collaborates with Dr. Luke on their newest full-length project "Compl├Ętement fou" in effort to conquer the stateside pop charts!

CD Review :: Partners

By Steven Bergman | Oct 9
The latest release from the iconic diva is another visit to the land of duets featuring both her classics and some travels outside of the box.

CD Review :: Sirens

By JC Alvarez | Oct 7
Richly deserving of all your attention, the British duo Gorgon City have raised the alarm on a "nu-House" sound with the dance anthems on their new full-length album "Sirens." Imaginative innovation at its best!

12 thru 21 of 2187 Stories