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Hornet and MSMGF Launch 'Blue Ribbon Boys' HIV Viral Suppression Campaign

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 27
MSMGF has partnered with popular gay social app, Hornet, to launch Blue Ribbon Boys, the largest targeted, global HIV viral suppression campaign to date.

1 in 4 Gay or Bisexual Men Should Be On PrEP, CDC Says

| By John Riley | Nov 28
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday released a report that estimates about 1.2 million people in the United States should be on pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.

UNICEF: AIDS Leading Cause of Death for African Teenagers

| Nov 27
The United Nations' agency for children says AIDS is now the leading cause of death for African teenagers and the second most common killer for adolescents across the globe.

HIV Today: What You Should Know if You Are Sexually Active

| By Chris Tittel | Nov 27
Apart from getting tested and knowing your HIV status, education is the next most important factor in protecting yourself and others. Here's what you need to know.

Proceeds From Hillcrest Brewery's Red Ribbon Ale Benefits HIV/AIDS Research

| By EDGE | Nov 27
For World AIDS Day, Hillcrest Brewing Company's Red Ribbon Ale sale proceeds are all going towards The Scripps Research Institute's HIV/AIDS research.

Hornet and MSMGF Launch 'Blue Ribbon Boys' HIV Viral Suppression Campaign

| By Winnie McCroy | Nov 27
MSMGF has partnered with popular gay social app, Hornet, to launch Blue Ribbon Boys, the largest targeted, global HIV viral suppression campaign to date.

Elton John Foundation Commemorates World AIDS Day

| By EDGE | Nov 25
The Elton John AIDS Foundation commemorates World AIDS Day 2015 by standing in solidarity with the estimated 34 million people living with HIV/AIDS.

Ask the Doc: Being Truly Thankful at Thanksgiving

| By Howard L. Scheiner, MD/AAHIVS | Nov 25
In this installment of Ask the Doc, Dr. Howard Scheiner tackles some important issues around dealing with HIV around the holidays.

Trigg Labs Donates 250,000 Safe Sex Kits to ASOs

| By EDGE | Nov 24
In honor of World AIDS Day, Trigg Labs is giving away 250,000 Safe Sex Kits to AIDS Service Organizations around the country.

KaloBios Stock Rockets After Investment From Shkreli

| Nov 24
Shares of cancer drug developer KaloBios Pharmaceuticals rocketed higher Thursday after controversial investor Martin Shkreli led a group that took a majority stake in the company just after it had decided to wind down its operations.

'We Laid Our Bodies Down' Commemorates World AIDS Day

| By EDGE | Nov 24
On Sunday, November 29, Skylight Theatre Company and Moon Mile Run Productions present "We Laid Our Bodies Down," for World Aids Day at Skylight Theatre.

Long-Term Survivors Honored in POZ 100 Special Issue

| By EDGE | Nov 23
POZ magazine, the award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, announced the sixth annual POZ 100.

CDC Report Shows STDs Are Rising at an Alarming Rate

| By EDGE | Nov 23
Reported cases of three nationally notifiable STDs -- chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis -- have increased for the first time since 2006, according to data published by the CDC in the 2014 STD Surveillance Report.

Bimonthly Injections as Effective as Pills at Treating HIV

| By John Riley | Nov 21
A recent medical study from GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson found that a monthly or bimonthly injection was as effective in suppressing HIV as daily oral medication.

Twitter Nixes Onsite Blood Drives Over FDA's Ban on Gay, Bi Men

| Nov 19
Twitter will no longer host blood drives at its headquarters over the Federal Drug Administration's decades-old ban that prohibits gay and bisexual men from donating blood.

Newly Released Docs Show Pharma Bro's Company Lost $14M

| Nov 19
The controversial CEO of Turning Pharmaceuticals released his company's third quarter finical reports, which show a loss of nearly $15 million.

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