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Human Rights Groups Criticize Both 2022 Winter Olympic Bids

By Dennis Passa | Jul 23
Watchdog groups criticized the human rights records of China and Kazakhstan on Thursday, just over a week before the IOC decides on whether to award the 2022 Winter Olympics to Beijing or Almaty.

Scotland Pride Event Will Allow Drag Queens After All

By Jason St. Amand | Jul 23
An alternative gay Pride event in Glasgow, Scotland will now allow drag queens after the gathering's officials made headlines this week for announcing a ban on all drag artists because they were deemed too "offensive" for the transgender community.

EU Opens Antitrust Cast Against 6 Major US Movie Studios

By Raf Casert | Jul 23
The European Union has launched an antitrust case against six major U.S. movie studios, including Disney and Warner Bros, and British satellite broadcaster Sky for restricting access across the 28-country bloc.

Chris Brown Confused About Why He's Stuck in Philippines

By Teresa Cerojano | Jul 23
Grammy award-winning singer Chris Brown says he's confused about why he's stuck in Manila, where his departure has been delayed by a fraud complaint over a canceled concert last New Year's Eve.

Half-Naked 'Spartans' Attract Attention of Beijing Police

Jul 23
A salad store paraded dozens of half-naked Western men dressed as Spartans through China's capital as a publicity stunt, causing a stir and drawing a crackdown by police who were photographed restraining some of them on the ground.

Canadian College Professor Fired After Anti-Gay Facebook Comment

By EDGE | Jul 22
A Canadian college professor was fired this week after he allegedly made a violent and anti-gay Facebook comment, officials announced Wednesday.

Argentina Revokes Arrest Warrant for Justin Bieber

By Almudena Calatrava | Jul 22
A court in Argentina has revoked an arrest warrant that was issued for Justin Bieber for a 2013 incident in Buenos Aires.

NIH Finds PreP Works with South African Women, Thai and NYC MSM

By Winnie McCroy | Jul 22
A clinical study by the NIH shows that adherence to PrEP was high among young, single black women in South Africa, as well as MSM and TGW in New York and Thailand.

Rights Group Calls Out Gambia President for Abuses

By Carley Petesch | Jul 22
Gambia's leader on Wednesday celebrated the 21st anniversary of the military takeover that catapulted him into power amid a rising climate of fear, a rights group and the opposition said.

UK Woman Crashes into Seafood Truck While Masturbating in Traffic

By EDGE | Jul 22
A woman in England apparently was not to be the master of her domain when she crashed into a seafood truck while reportedly masturbating with a vibrator in traffic.

11 thru 20 of 2428 Stories