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Kenyan gays and lesbians and others supporting their cause wear masks to preserve their anonymity.

Ugandan Gays Who Fled to Kenya Still Feel Danger

INTERNATIONAL | By Connie Chin | Aug 18
When a Ugandan court overturned the country's Anti-Homosexuality Act this month, rights activists worldwide claimed a victory. But not gay Ugandans who fled persecution to live in a refugee camp in neighboring Kenya.

Lee Yong-soo

Elderly Ex-Sex Slaves Want Solace, Help From Pope

INTERNATIONAL | By Jung-Yoon Choi | Aug 17
Lee Yong-soo hopes a meeting Monday with Pope Francis will provide some solace for the pain that still feels fresh more than seven decades after Japanese soldiers forced her into prostitution during World War II.

IGLHRC Executive Director Jessica Stern

IGLHRC Brings You The Truth About Uganda and LGBT Strife Around The Globe

IGLHRC's presence on the ground in Uganda and its delivery of the facts behind LGBT headlines worldwide have been constant and reliable as it approaches its 25th anniversary.

British singer Cliff Richard

UK Police Search Singer Cliff Richard's House

INTERNATIONAL | By Sylvia Hui | Aug 15
British police on Thursday searched a house belonging to veteran rock star Cliff Richard in connection with sexual allegations dating back to the 1980s.

Two UK Men Found Guilty of Blackmailing Gay Men on Grindr

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Aug 15
Two men from the United Kingdom, who were accused of blackmailing gay men on the gay hookup app Grindr, have been found guilty of their crimes and will be heading to prison.

Pope Francis waves from a car after his arrival in Seongnam, south of Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014. As Francis became the first pope in 25 years to visit South Korea on Thursday, Seoul's never-timid rival, North Korea, made its presence felt by firing three short-range projectiles less than an hour before he arrived, officials said.

Pope's Small Car Fascinates South Koreans

INTERNATIONAL | By YoukYung Lee | Aug 14
Pope Francis' choice of wheels during his five-day South Korean visit has surprised many in this painfully self-conscious country, where big-shots rarely hit the streets in anything but expensive luxury cars.

Reports: 2 Gay Men Hanged in Iran

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Aug 13
According to reports, including one by the Daily Beast, two gay men were hanged in Iran on August 6.

A healthcare worker walks near a Ebola isolation unit.

Ebola Survivor Shunned By Boyfriend, Even School

INTERNATIONAL | By Boubacar Diallo and Krista Larson | Aug 12
The medical school professors no longer want Kadiatou Fanta in the classroom. Her boyfriend has broken up with her. Each day the 26-year-old eats alone and sleeps alone. Even her own family members are afraid to touch her months after she survived Ebola.

Azerbaijan: Parents Set Son on Fire After Learning He's Gay

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Aug 12
A teen in Azerbaijan was set on fire by his parents in an anti-gay attack after they learned of his sexuality.

Tel Aviv Pride.

Israel OK's Gay Jews to Immigrate With Spouses

Israel says it will now allow Jews to immigrate to Israel with their non-Jewish same-sex spouses.