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Russian Lawmaker Hates How Gay Facebook Has Become

By Jason St. Amand | Jun 29
A Russian lawmaker is so upset over Facebook's Celebrate Pride feature, which allows users to put a rainbow filter over their pictures, that he wants the country to block the social media website.

Dalai Lama Joins Patti Smith on Glastonbury Festival Stage

Jun 29
One of the most talked-about appearances at Britain's Glastonbury music festival wasn't a singer or rocker - it was the Dalai Lama.

High Colombian Official Urges Courts To OK Same-Sex Marriage

Jun 28
A top Cabinet minister in Colombia is urging the South American country's courts to legalize same-sex marriage and support the right of such couples to adopt.

Turkish Police Use Water Cannons To Clear Gay Pride Rally

Jun 28
Turkish police used water cannons and tear gas against gay pride marchers trying to rally in Istanbul's central square on Sunday, forcing the thousands of demonstrators to gather several blocks away.

VIDEO: CNN Mistakes Dildos and Butt Plugs on a Black Banner for the ISIS Flag

By EDGE | Jun 28
June 27, 2015 may go down in history as the date when there were no gays or lesbians working in the CNN control room. Clearly, we would have noticed this.

Security Precautions In Poland For Cross-Dresser's Concert

Jun 27
Authorities in southern Poland have banned music fans from bringing glass bottles and metal objects to a concert of the bearded cross-dressing Austrian diva Conchita Wurst.

US Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Likely To Impact Other Countries

By Gregory Katz | Jun 27
The landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriages has no legal force outside the United States, but gay rights activists in many parts of the world believe the court ruling will help their cause.

Filipino LGBT People Celebrate Gay Pride, US Court Decision

By Oliver Teves | Jun 27
Several hundred gays, lesbians and transgender people held a Gay Pride rally Saturday in the Philippine capital to push for LGBT rights and to celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court decision recognizing gay marriages in all U.S. states.

Puerto Rico Amends Laws After US Ruling on Gay Marriage

By Danica Coto | Jun 26
Thousands of people in Puerto Rico celebrated Friday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling to allow gay marriage as authorities rushed to approve legislation extending marriage rights in the socially conservative U.S. territory.

Dictionary Editors Say 'Twerking' Goes Back Almost 200 Years

Jun 25
Twerking may be older than you think.

11 thru 20 of 2359 Stories