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Islamic State in Control of Palmyra Ruins, Activists Say

By Albert Aji and Bassem Mroue | May 21
Islamic State militants overran the famed archaeological site at Palmyra early on Thursday, just hours after seizing the central Syrian town, activists and officials said.

Argentine Judges Blasted for Another Sex Abuse Ruling

By Peter Prengaman | May 21
Two Argentine judges who have come under fire for sharply reducing the sentence of a child abuser were already under scrutiny for easing the sentence of a pastor convicted of abusing two teenage girls.

Irish Premier: 'Create History' By Voting For Gay Marriage

May 21
Prime Minister Enda Kenny has appealed to Ireland's voters to support the legalization of gay marriage in a referendum that pits the power of the Catholic Church against his secular-minded government.

US Group: Foreign Authors Censored in China Without Knowing

May 20
A U.S.-based advocacy group is warning Western authors to be vigilant of censorship of their work in China's fast-growing book publishing industry. Sometimes it's done without their knowledge.

Catholic Soul-Searching in Ireland Over Vote on Gay Marriage

May 20
A generation ago, Ireland outlawed homosexual acts and gays often faced a stark choice between leading secret lives or emigrating to more liberal lands. This week the Irish could vote to legalize same-sex marriage.

Lesbian Irish Journalist Told Her Cancer was 'The Will of God'

By EDGE | May 20
Prepare to read the ugliest piece of hate mail written by a "traditional marriage" supporter.

Hollywood Sex Abuse Documentary Screens in Cannes

May 20
A dark side of the movie world has played out onscreen at Cannes in "An Open Secret," a documentary about child sexual abuse that calls itself "the movie Hollywood doesn't want you to see."

Los Cabos Surf Weekend Strives to Empower Women

By EDGE | May 19
The Los Cabos Tourism Board announced that June 9-14 will mark the destination's third annual Los Cabos Open of Surf; welcoming surfers from around the globe to ride the waves of the crystal blue waters surrounding the Baja Peninsula.

Cuba's Elian Gonzalez, Former Castaway, Wants to Visit US

May 19
Elian Gonzalez, who spent months with his Florida relatives as a Cuban child at the center of an international custody dispute, said in an interview broadcast Monday that he'd like to return to the United States for a visit.

International Watchdog Condemns Offensive Banner in Bosnia

May 19
An international network that fights discrimination at soccer matches says a banner displayed at a weekend match between two Bosnian clubs was one of the worst examples of anti-gay expression it has seen this season.

31 thru 40 of 2287 Stories