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Obama, Castro to Come Face to Face Amid Bid to Restore Ties

By Josh Lederman | Apr 10
As leaders from across the Western Hemisphere gather Friday in Panama, all eyes will be on two presidents: Barack Obama and Raul Castro, whose expected encounter at the Summit of the Americas will mark a historic moment.

Report: ISIS Blindfolds, Stones 'Gay' Man to Death

By Jason St. Amand | Apr 10
A Wednesday report from Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an information office opposed to the Government of Syria, said that the militant group ISIS blindfolded and stoned a man they believed to be gay to death.

Russian Journalist Masha Gessen Speaks at JCC San Francisco

By Winnie McCroy | Apr 10
On Wednesday, April 29, Russian-American journalist, author and LGBT activist Masha Gessen will present "From Putin to Pussy Riot and Beyond" with Washington Post National Security Editor Peter Finn at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

Cross-Dressing Singer Wins Hearts in Macho Bosnia

Apr 10
After seducing the audience with his crystal clear voice, Bozo Vreco disappeared from the stage and returned moments later to continue his concert - dressed as a woman.

German Man Tells Vice About Living With a 9-Pound Penis

By Jason St. Amand | Apr 10
In an interview with Vice, a German man, who enlarged his penis with silicone injections and says his penis weighs between 7 and 9-pounds, talks about his life with the abnormally large member.

Charles and Camilla Mark 10th Wedding Anniversary

Apr 9
The heir to the British throne and his consort, Camilla, are celebrating 10 years of marriage - a decade in which Camilla's public image has gone from aristocratic home-wrecker to admired addition to the royal family.

Kim Kardashian Comes to Armenia

Apr 9
American television star Kim Kardashian has arrived in the capital of her ancestral Armenia for a visit expected to draw attention to the centennial of the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians.

Amsterdam Prostitutes Protest Closure of Their Windows

By Mike Corder | Apr 9
Scores of prostitutes took to the streets of Amsterdam on Thursday to protest moves to rejuvenate the city's famed Red Light District by shuttering windows where scantily-clad sex workers pose to attract clients.

Guam Rejects Lesbian Couple's Marriage License Application

Apr 8
Guam on Wednesday rejected a marriage license application from the first-same sex couple to apply for the document in the U.S. territory.

Obama Says Iran Could Cut Nuke Time to Near Zero in 13 Years

By Josh Lederman | Apr 7
Defending an emerging nuclear deal, President Barack Obama said Iran would be kept a year away from obtaining a nuclear weapon for more than a decade, but conceded Tuesday that the buffer period could shrink to almost nothing after 13 or more years.

31 thru 40 of 2192 Stories