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Anti-Gay Laws Lead to High LGBT Poverty

LGBT Americans face an unfair financial burden, thanks to anti-gay laws, reveals a landmark report.

Back to Reality for Dems as House Chances Fade

POLITICS | By Donna Cassata | Oct 14
Democrats' high hopes of mitigating House losses in a rough election year have been dashed by reality.

US Condemns Kyrgyzstan for 'Gay Propaganda' Measure

POLITICS | By Winnie McCroy | Oct 14
The U.S. condemned Kyrgyzstan for their plans to adopt legislation to ban "gay propaganda," saying that the discriminatory law will hurt the Central Asian nation.

Michigan's Only Gubernatorial Debate Grows Testy

POLITICS | By David Eggert | Oct 13
Republican Gov. Rick Snyder appealed for a second term during a debate Sunday by pointing to Michigan's economic turnaround, while Democratic challenger Mark Schauer accused Snyder of cutting education funding and cutting taxes.

Huckabee: Stop Coddling the Gays, Or I'll Leave the GOP

POLITICS | By Winnie McCroy | Oct 11
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has laid it on the line: Stop accepting gay marriage and abortion, or he will leave the GOP. Good luck getting rid of him!

Virginia Governor Officiates at Lesbian Wedding

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has become the first Virginia governor to preside over a same-sex wedding ceremony.

Gay Marriage Obstacles Fall in Conservative States

Weddings, court rulings and confusion are defining a week that started with the U.S. Supreme Court denying appeals from five states seeking to retain their bans on same-sex marriage. Here's a rundown of the most recent developments:

Police Report Released With Details of Palin Family Drunken Brawl

POLITICS | By Bobby McGuire | Oct 10
A police report that is equal parts "Rashomon" and "WrestleMania," detailing the events surrounding the drunken brawl involving Sarah Palin's family, was released by police in Anchorage, Alaska, Thursday.

Clinton Offers Themes that Could Shape 2016 Bid

POLITICS | By Ken Thomas | Oct 10
As she explores another presidential campaign, Hillary Rodham Clinton often says anyone who seeks the White House needs a compelling message and an agenda for the country.

Little Common Ground in Florida Governor Debate

POLITICS | By Brendan Farrington | Oct 10
At their first debate, Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Republican-turned-Democrat former Gov. Charlie Crist agreed that an Ebola outbreak would be bad for Florida - and disagreed about nearly everything else.