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What's Behind the 'Anchor Babies' Buzz Phrase?

By Laurie Kellman and Calvin Woodward | Aug 26
Donald Trump took heat when he spoke about "anchor babies" and seemed to relish the fallout from his latest provocation in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. Then Jeb Bush echoed the phrase and found himself on defense.

Donald Trump Critiques Megyn Kelly's Return

By David Bauder | Aug 25
Donald Trump resumed his attacks on Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly after her first show back following a vacation, tweeting that he liked her show better when she was away.

Obama Feeling 'Feisty,' Ready to Take on the 'Crazies'

By Nancy Benac | Aug 25
President Barack Obama is putting people on notice: He's back from vacation feeling "refreshed, renewed, recharged" - and "a little feisty."

Family Feud? Obama Caught Between Clinton, Biden Ambitions

By Julie Pace | Aug 25
President Barack Obama is the man in the middle, caught between the White House aspirations of two of his closest advisers: Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Watch: Ted Cruz Inspired to Talk LGBT Rights with Ellen Page

Aug 25
Ellen Page, who came out as gay last year, got into a heated back-and-forth with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair. The surprise attack had the politician caught with his mouth full.

Dominating TV, Donald Trump a Ratings Draw

By David Bauder | Aug 24
Opinion polls are one thing but Nielsen numbers speak more loudly to television executives: Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump's ability to pull in viewers makes him catnip for news programs and wins a level of coverage that feeds on itself.

Clinton's Iowa Message for 2016 is Less Global, More Local

By Catherine Lucey | Aug 24
Hillary Rodham Clinton has gone hyperlocal in Iowa.

Bernie Sanders Takes Aim At 'Greedy' Koch Brothers

By Bill Barrow | Aug 23
Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is making the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch the face of a "corrupted" political and economic system that the Vermont senator wants to upend.

Biden Consults With Warren As He Mulls 2016 Presidential Bid

By Josh Lederman And Ken Thomas | Aug 23
Vice President Joe Biden left the seclusion of the Delaware home where he's been weighing a presidential run to meet Saturday with Elizabeth Warren - another influential Democrat who has faced calls to enter the 2016 race.

For Koch Group, Winning Is Rising As Priority Over Purity

By Thomas Beaumont | Aug 23
The head of the Koch brothers' flagship political organization says a Republican winning the presidency is becoming a higher priority for more of its members, suggesting a rift between pragmatists and ideologues.

11 thru 20 of 1969 Stories