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Bill Would Allow Fla. Churches to Say No to Gay Marriages

Oct 9
A proposed law in Florida would allow churches to refuse to hold gay marriages, a right the bill sponsor admits they already have.

Vatican Defends Reports of Synod After Pope's Words Disputed

Oct 8
The Vatican press office is defending its reporting of a big meeting on family issues after a dispute arose over what Pope Francis told bishops behind closed doors about his hopes for a free and open debate.

Pope-a Don't Preach: Madonna Wants Tea With Pontiff

Oct 8
If Kim Davis taught us anything it's that getting five minutes with the Pope isn't as hard as it used to be.

Huckabee: Obama's Treatment of Kim Davis Proves He Only 'Pretends to Be' Christian

Oct 8
According to Mike Huckabee, the real test of how real a Christian you are all boils down to how nice you are to Kim Davis.

County Endures After Hubbub Over God's Mercy, Gay Marriage

Oct 8
When commissioners in a Tennessee county scrapped an agenda that included a resolution asking for God's mercy despite ongoing gay marriages, they also effectively canceled their meeting, but officials have a workaround for that.

Request for God's Mercy on Gay Marriage Lacking Amen

By Steve Megaree | Oct 7
A resolution asking God to have mercy on a Tennessee county for issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples apparently didn't have a prayer of being considered Tuesday.

Michele Bachmann Blames Carolina Floods on Obama

Oct 6
Michele Bachmann has made it clear. Same-sex marriage will bring on mass destruction and the rapture, while US foreign policy in the Middle East will merely bring on catastrophic floods.

Deadbeat Duggar Dillards Dumped as Missionaries by Baptists

Oct 6
After months of trying to get their foreign ministry off the ground, Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick have been deemed unqualified by the Southern Baptist Church (SBC) to be missionaries.

Pope Aims to Assure Conservatives Marriage Doctrine Safe

By Nicole Winfield | Oct 6
Pope Francis sought Tuesday to assure conservatives that Catholic doctrine on marriage is safe, as a three-week meeting of bishops began hashing out how the church should welcome gays, divorcees and other Catholics in "irregular" unions.

Tenn. Woman Petitions God to Direct His Anti-Gay Marriage Wrath Elsewhere

Oct 6
A resolution is set to be heard by the Blount County Agenda Committee in Tennessee Tuesday to officially petition God's mercy for the suburban Knoxville area, should the almighty choose to smite them in retribution for the legalization of gay marriage.

1 thru 10 of 987 Stories