Anton Chekhov's 'Ivanov'

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
A man slowly comes to terms with where his life went wrong in Chekhov's comic drama of realism at Trinity Rep.

Philadelphia Fringe Festival: Part 3

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
This past week at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, soundscapes of different sorts were used to evoke feelings of absence, loss, and desolation.

The Simpsons Take the Bowl

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
America's favorite family invaded Hollywood's most famous landmark bringing laughs, smiles, and donust to 17,000 Angelenos.

Sweet Smell of Success

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
Musical Theatre Guild stages the 2002 Broadway tuner, "Sweet Smell of Success," based on the classic 1957 Burt Lancaster-Tony Curtis film of the same name.

Tiger Orange

By Kevin Kline | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
Gasque's movie is about two brothers, now adults, who've taken different paths through the gay lifestyle.

Entre Rios - Everything We Left Unsaid

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
As a mood piece - one about people who escape to the relaxing countryside, only to find that they can never escape their own secrets and limitations - it's a rousing, evocative success.

Max And The Others

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
This documentary by Richard Rossmann is a mixed bag, but it does provide a glimpse into the Berlin leather scene and a good look at the ups and downs of a bi-national, transgenerational relationship.

Matt Shepard is A Friend of Mine

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
Fifteen years after his murder gained international attention, friend Michele Josue tells about the person behind the martyr in her 85-minute documentary.

2014 San Francisco Leather Walk :: September 14, 2014

By Ann Foucher | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
The San Francisco Leather Walk, in its 20th year, raised more than $7,800 for the AIDS Emergency Fund and Breast Cancer Foundation. This year approximately 100 people raised money and walked from 440 to the PowerHouse to Beat Box then to the Eagle.

Teen GOP Candidate Quits Race After More Homophobic, Racist Comments Emerge

By Bobby McGuire | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
The career of homophobic GOP enfant terrible, Jacob Dorsey appears to be over as more anti-gay and racist social media comments surface.

Author John Lahr Digs into Tennessee William's Life

By Michael Cox | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
As part of Tennessee Williams' Circle of Friends, this year's theme at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, theater critic and author John Lahr will delve into "Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh," his highly acclaimed new biography of Williams.