Marvelous Moms: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2012

by Mark Thompson
EDGE Style & Travel Editor
Sunday Apr 29, 2012

Remember when you were a kid and your entire class made Mother’s Day gifts for your mothers? Pipe cleaner cherry blossom trees and tissue paper flowers?

And your mother was so happy that she put your sorry little centerpiece on the dining table, so that all through dinner you kept staring at your handiwork, thinking how pathetic it really looked - and especially next to the silver bowl from Tiffany’s that your father gave to her.

In truth, there’s nothing as good as the gift of time.

After all these years, what your mother most wants from you is time. Time with you.

This year, head home and take your mother for a walk along the beach or through a garden or into a park. Pack a lunch and sit with her - and listen. Listen to your mother - and when she’s finished, hand her a gift and remind her how much you love her.

Mothers are marvelous - and yours is one of the best - because she’s yours.


It’s Me: For Her

When we were young, we used to pore over our mother’s college yearbooks, flipping through the pages, staring at the young women in white dresses, corsages on their wrists. So many sorority girls in the spring of their lives, heading off to a dance with their beaux.

If your mother is eternally young at heart, still the young woman dressing for a homecoming weekend, still waving from the float, then it’s likely that she’ll be immediately entranced by Jacomo’s latest fragrance for women, It’s Me: For Her.

Youthful and effervescent, It’s Me: For Her is packaged in a spray bottle that evokes a smartphone, which means the fragrance fits into even the most discreet minaudière.

A burst of pineapple and orange citrus opens the fragrance like a Fifties dessert served at the Waldorf-Astoria. Bright fruit notes blend into a lovely heart note marked by freesia and lily of the valley, evocative of the nosegay your mother wore the night she met your father. You can almost see the lipstick stain on the flute of Champagne.

Founded in the late Sixties by an American art collector and a French pianist, the Jacomo boutique in New York was a haven for aficionados of fashion and luxury. Their popular fragrance Jacomo de Jacomo launched in 1980 to become one of the top ten fragrances of the decade.

One of the signatures of Jacomo fragrance has been a graceful and elegant dry down. It’s Me: For Her has basenotes of iris powder and sandalwood, which linger on the wrist as hauntingly evocative as the nosegay on your mother’s wrist when she was the epitome of youthful promise.

Give your mother a gift of It’s Me: For Her - and return her to that rush of romance that marked her sorority days.

PRICE: $45.00 / 1.7 fl. oz.
LINK: It’s Me: For Her


OKA b. Footwear: Madison Pink Ribbon

Remember how your mother cared for you when you were sick and in bed? Compassion and empathy, that’s what mothers are made of, which is why your mother is certain to respond to your own compassion when you give her a gift that helps others.

Oka B. footwear teamed with the American Cancer Society to create an exclusive breast cancer awareness shoe called the Madison Pink Ribbon. This limited edition "spa for the street" slide combines reflexology and comfort - as well as compassion - for a shoe that your mother will wear proudly.

Oka B. has donated thousands of free shoes to women battling breast cancer as they undergo treatment - and for every pair of Madison Pink Ribbon slides sold, Oka B. will donate $10.00 to the American Cancer Society.

Made in the USA from recyclable materials, Oka B. cares as much about reducing its carbon footprint as it does about creating super-comfy shoes that will make your mother smile. Waterproof and bacteria-resistant, this is a shoe that your mother can wear when she’s singing in the rain.

Show your mother how well she taught you the lessons of compassion - with a gift for the women of the world.

PRICE: $30.00 / online only
LINK: OKA b. Footwear Madison Pink Ribbon


Blue Chair Fruit Company: Mother’s Day Gift Set

Some of your mother’s favorite memories of family life are probably centered around meals you shared together (apart from the time she tried to cook egg foo young for Thanksgiving...).

If you’re serving brunch on Mother’s Day, then you’re going to want jams and marmalades that evoke some of the best memories of shared summer meals.

Founded in 2008, this artisanal jam and marmalade company located in Oakland, California is famous for unusual flavor pairings, such as Quince-Orange Marmalade, Orange-Kumquat Marmalade with Cardamom & Saffron, and Apple-Meyer Lemon Marmalade. Blue Chair Fruit Company produces as many as 100 flavors annually, using exotic fruits such as Pink Pearl apples, white guavas, tayberries, and bergamots.

Working with local farmers, Blue Chair jams and marmalades are made entirely by hand with sustainable farmed fruit and cooked in tiny batches in French copper jam kettles for the best flavor possible.

The Blue Chair Mother’s Day Gift Set includes one jar each of Strawberry-Rose Jam, Lemon Marmalade with Cardamom & Lavender, and Greengage Plum Jam, presented in a gift-wrapped custom box with gift message.

After tasting some of Blue Chair’s delectable creations, your mother might also be interested in "The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook" (2010), which contains more than 120 recipes for making jam and marmalade (and which received a James Beard Foundation Award nomination for "Best Food Photography").

Go ahead, slather those crêpes and pancakes, toast and muffins with Blue Chair jams and marmalades - and let your mother sink into a reverie about the persimmons she used to eat in her grandmother’s backyard.

PRICE: $34.00 / gift-wrapped box of three jars
LINK: Blue Chair Fruit Company Mother’s Day Gift Set


Effen: Black Cherry Vodka

Yes, it’s true: some mommies like to drink. And good for them, we say. After what they’ve gone through with you and your tap dancing around the dining room, they deserve a smart cocktail.

One of the most swellegant vodkas on the (oversaturated) market right now is Effen’s Black Cherry Vodka. Just in time for Mother’s Day - and cherry blossom season - this vodka is smooth enough to be guzzled from the bottle - or, rather, we mean, served neatly on the rocks. Made from premium Holland wheat, which enables a silky liquid, Effen Vodka is distilled hundreds of times - that’s right: "hundreds of times" - to insure a balanced and crisp vodka. Hence the name Effen, which comes from a Dutch word meaning "smooth and balanced."

Rather than adding sugar to their elegant elixir, Effen uses vanilla, which imparts a lovely and light cherry vanilla finish. Add a touch of chocolate liqueur and you’ve got something far more delicious than those cloying chocolate covered cherries. Featured at New York’s Fashion Week, Effen Black Cherry Vodka was a hit when mixed with mint, lime, and Champagne.

If you have yet to offer a bottle of Effen as a host/ess - or Mother’s Day - gift, then you’re in for a treat. Sheathed in a sleek polymer sleeve (which retains the chill), Effen bottles are stylish enough to be lined up on a console or patio bar trolley for service by the pool. (So chic are the bottles that they’re showing up on Etsy, turned into drink tumblers...)

With its black polymer sleeve, Effen Black Cherry Vodka is perfect for the mother who appreciates Faye Dunaway and David LaChapelle. Which is why she loves you so much.

PRICE: $30.00 / 750 ml
LINK: Effen Black Cherry Vodka


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