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Texting While Driving Will Cost You More Of Your Gay Money

By Ric Reily | Thursday Jan 24, 2013
Being gay and gorgeous with dates to make and a social life to manage does not make you immune to the potentially deadly effects of texting and driving.

Obsessive ’Smart Phone’ Use Is Just Plain Stupid

By Vince Pellegrino | Friday Jun 8, 2012
Younger gay men are so attached to their iPhones that they are unaware of the world around them. Not only are they missing the actual living of their lives, they’ve become hermits amidst the noise.

Texting Is Typing. It Is Not Talking.

By Vince Pellegrino | Thursday Sep 1, 2011
Online social media and texting are only two of the means by which we are slowly losing the art of true, one-to-one communication. The consequences are a loss of perspective -- and worse.

Sex, drugs more common in hyper-texting teens

By Mike Stobbe | Tuesday Nov 9, 2010
Teens who text 120 times a day or more - and there seems to be a lot of them - are more likely to have had sex or used alcohol and drugs than kids who don’t send as many messages, according to provocative new research.

K-Rod released on bail over text-message counts

By Colleen Long | Thursday Sep 23, 2010
Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez was charged Wednesday with seven counts of criminal contempt for sending his girlfriend dozens of text messages begging for forgiveness, violating a restraining order issued after he was accused of attacking her father at Citi Field.

Proposal bans texting by haz-mat truck drivers

By Ken Thomas | Tuesday Sep 21, 2010
Targeting distractions behind the wheel, the Obama administration proposed Tuesday to bar truck drivers from sending text messages while hauling hazardous materials.

Did Texting Kill Dr. Ryan?

Friday Aug 20, 2010
Police are looking into the possibility that celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan, was texting while driving.
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