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Dining Out in the Desert: Palm Springs' Best Eats

By Matthew Wexler | Monday Jun 23, 2014
Spending the day in Palm Springs, California? EDGE takes a look at some of top picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner in this desert oasis. From the hair of the dog to a perfectly grilled rib-eye steak, you'll find delicious delights at every meal.

Take a Bite Out of Philadelphia Pride

By Kathy Matheson | Saturday Jun 7, 2014
Sure, we may all end up at Woody’s at 3 a.m., but Philadelphia food-lovers head to 13th Street, where you can find great eateries and wine bars, a place to get anything from artisanal pizza to modern Indian.

Take a Bite Out of L.A. Pride

By Matthew Wexler | Friday Jun 6, 2014
Sure, there will be plenty of eye candy at Los Angeles Pride, but when you need a real meal, check out these delicious options that represent the city’s diverse food scene.

Eva Longoria’s Female-Focused Steakhouse Closes

By Michelle Rindels | Thursday May 29, 2014
Eva Longoria’s female-focused steakhouse closed over the weekend, less than two years after opening in a swanky shopping center on the Las Vegas Strip.

Go for the Food: Times Square Spotlight

By Mark Kennedy | Tuesday May 27, 2014
Times Square is a lot of things - a sensory-overload, horribly crowded, eye-popping and deeply exciting. Look further and you’ll discover culinary gems from pizza and burgers to craft cocktails.

Diner Plans Fundraiser After "Show More Skin" Post

By John Raby | Friday May 23, 2014
After a customer suggested that servers at a West Virginia restaurant needed to "show more skin," the owner became offended and decided to do something about it.

Go for the Food: Fried Chicken in Cincinnati

By Amanda Lee Myers | Tuesday May 20, 2014
What truly makes Cincinnati’s dining scene special is what’s happening in the city’s Over-the-Rhine Historic District, a picturesque neighborhood on the edge of downtown that locals simply call OTR.

Go For the Food: Taste the Big Easy in St. Louis

By Alan Scher Zagier | Thursday May 15, 2014
The Broadway Oyster Bar may be a mere block from the home stadium of the St. Louis Cardinals, but its heart lies in another Mississippi River city nearly 700 miles south.

Go for the Food: Athens, Ohio

By Philip Elliot | Thursday May 8, 2014
Athens ... Ohio? Not typically considered the hotbed of culinary invention, but if you’re seeking comfort food, look no further than this charming southern Ohio town.

Copenhagen’s Noma Again World’s No. 1 Restaurant

By J.M. Hirsch | Tuesday Apr 29, 2014
Rene Redzepi’s daringly innovative Danish restaurant Noma has reclaimed the title of world’s top restaurant.

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