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Farmers Markets Multiply in USA

By TRACIE CONE | Monday Aug 20, 2012
As demand for locally grown fruits and vegetables has increased, so too has the number of urban farmers markets sprouting up across the nation.

Summer Heat and Drought Produce Killer Vegetables

By DINESH RAMDE | Monday Aug 6, 2012
Chef Dan Jacobs expected his recent batch of jalapeƱo poppers to be tame because peppers grown at this time of the year are generally mild. But he quickly discovered that his spicy appetizer carried an unexpected fire.

Whim Restaurant at Smolak Farms Returns for Summer 2012

Saturday Jul 7, 2012
Located in North Andover, Massachusetts, Smolak Farms has partnered with Northeast Flavor, Cambridge Culinary School, Boston Chefs, Yelp and to present the best outdoor dining experience New England has to offer.

Rattlesnake Mountain’s Famed Ranch for Sale

By SHANNON DININNY | Thursday May 31, 2012
Rattlesnake Mountain offers sweeping views of the historic McWhorter Ranch, a pristine property largely unchanged since it was settled in 1903, laced with dry grasses and sagebrush and home to elk and other wildlife.

Organic Milk Surges in Popularity

By MICHAEL HILL | Tuesday Mar 6, 2012
"Got milk?" is getting to be a difficult question when it comes to organic. Because even as more consumers are willing to pay premium prices for organic milk, supermarkets are having trouble keeping it on the shelves.

Florida: The Blueberry State?

By TAMARA LUSH | Wednesday Nov 16, 2011
Hundreds of small blueberry farms have opened in the Sunshine State in the past three decades, and blueberry production has increased more than tenfold in the past decade.

Farmers Seek Bees with New Plants and Flowers

By GOSIA WOZNIACKA | Monday Nov 14, 2011
Dozens of farmers in California and other states have started replacing some of their crops with flowers and shrubs that are enticing to bees, hoping to lower their pollination costs and restore a bee population devastated in the past few years.

Alaska Sees New Gold in Potato

By DAN JOLING,Associated Press | Monday Oct 10, 2011
Among the thousands of colorful potatoes - from yellow German Butterballs to Magic Mollys with flesh so purple it’s nearly black - is a half-row of red potatoes with yellow flesh that University of Alaska researchers believe could become popular.

A New Generation of Gentlemen Farmers

By BERNARD CONDON | Saturday Jul 23, 2011
Braden Janowski has never planted seeds or brought in a harvest. He doesn’t even own overalls. Yet when 430 acres of Michigan cornfields was auctioned last summer, it was Janowski, a brash, 33-year-old software executive, who made the winning bid.

Farm-to-School Programs Snowball in Popularity

By STEVE KARNOWSKI | Friday Jul 22, 2011
The popularity of farm-to-school programs that put locally grown food on cafeteria trays has exploded in recent years - so much so that the federal agency in charge of school lunches is giving them a new stamp of approval.

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