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WWE Icon Pat Patterson Comes Out

By Jason St. Amand | Sunday Jun 15, 2014
World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer Pat Patterson revealed he is gay this week in a heartfelt and emotional speech.

Gay WWE Star Discusses Impromptu Coming Out

By Robert Nesti | Friday Aug 16, 2013
The WWE’s Darren Young made international headlines on Thursday after he shocked a TMZ reporter and told him that he’s gay. On Friday, after receiving support from fellow wrestlers via social media, Young discussed his impromptu coming out.

WWE Stars and LGBT Groups Laud Darren Young’s Coming Out

By Robert Nesti | Thursday Aug 15, 2013
Several WWE stars and LGBT groups have expressed their support for Darren Young, who announced he was gay on Thursday.

WWE’s Darren Young Comes Out :: ’I’m Happy. Very Happy’

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Aug 15, 2013
World Wrestling Entertainment star Darren Young surprised a TMZ cameraman when the wrestler suddenly told him he’s gay.

Pro Wrestler Hurls Anti-Gay Invective

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Thursday Jul 7, 2011
A WWE wrestler took it out of the ring and made it homophobic when he hurled anti-gay invective at an audience member.

Another Sports Pro, Another Anti-Gay Slur

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Nov 10, 2009
World Wrestling Entertainment star Chris Jericho took to the stage at a horror film festival where his own movie was screening and in the course of a Q&A session called a fellow presenter by an anti-Muslim slur several times as well as hurling an anti-gay expletive.

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