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Interview with Chef Art Smith

By Mike Halterman | Friday Jul 25, 2014
Art Smith, executive chef to the stars, is a celebrity in his own right. He won't see it that way if you ask him; he'll be quick to tell you that he's just a normal guy from north Florida. His reputation precedes him, however.

Cheyenne Jackson Goes to the Movies

By Adam Sandel | Thursday Jul 17, 2014
Within the past year or so, San Francisco has become Cheyenne Jackson's home away from home.

'Glee'-ful and Proud with Alex Newell

By Chris Carpenter | Saturday Jul 12, 2014
21-year-old Alex Newell has already conquered the world of TV, thanks to his recurring role as transgender student Wade "Unique" Adams on "Glee."

Exclusive Interview with George Takei

By Mike Halterman | Saturday Jul 5, 2014
George Takei knows what it’s like to be celebrated as an actor, as a political activist, and as an Internet sensation. Here he talks about the state of LGBT equality, about his documentary, and the upcoming Broadway debut of his musical, "Allegiance."

Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees Comes Out, Finds Support and Freedom

Saturday Jul 5, 2014
The Mormon Church is notoriously steadfast in its opposition to LGBT behavior and rights, as well as marriage equality. But that’s not always top of mind in a Mormon believer’s struggle to come out.

Sandra Bernhard Comes Out to Support HIV Equal Testing Event

By Winnie McCroy | Friday May 30, 2014
On May 31, celebrities including Sandra Bernhard will gather at BarTini Ultra Lounge to be tested for HIV and photographed as part of Jack Mackenroth’s HIV Equal Project.

John Grant :: Turning Pain Into Beautiful Music

By Jim Provenzano | Sunday May 25, 2014
With equal parts whimsy and melancholy, openly gay / openly poz singer John Grant tells of heartache, confusion and fragments of joy with a unique sense of humanity.

Edmund White Talks Gay Rights and HIV in America

By Jeromy Carpenter | Sunday May 18, 2014
Edmund White is a prolific writer and an icon of the gay rights movement and the fight for equality for those living with HIV in America today. We discussed his books, his life and his thoughts on the gay rights movement and the HIV-positive community.

Proudly Representing the ’B’ in LGBT: Let’s Hear it For Bisexuals

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Sunday Apr 20, 2014
While this list is by no means complete, it does pay homage to some of the better-known Bs in LGBT.

Celebs Show Their Spirit Day Pride

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Oct 17, 2013
A number of celebrities said they’ll wear purple on Thursday to show their support for Spirit Day, a holiday created by GLAAD in order to highlight bullying among LGBT youth.