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Biden Rouses VA Dems, Gives GOP a Tea Party Label

By Bob Lewis | Saturday Jun 29, 2013
Vice President Joe Biden continued a busy political pace Saturday, appearing with Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate at the swing state’s premier party fundraiser and ridiculing this fall’s conservative Republican statewide ticket.

Boston Tea Party Speaker: ’We Will Not Be Silenced by Faggots’

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Apr 19, 2012
A speaker at a Tea Party Tax Day protest hurled a homophobic slur towards the LGBT community as gay rights activists protested the event, where one of the most virulently anti-gay activists also spoke.

Republican Presidential Candidates Spar at Tea Party Debate

By Charles Banington | Tuesday Sep 13, 2011
Attacked from all sides by fellow Republicans, Texas Gov. Rick Perry softened his rhetoric if not his position on Social Security in a snarky presidential campaign debate Monday night.

Social Issues + Generation Gap = Growing Rifts in GOP?

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Jan 4, 2011
As the GOP prepares to exert new clout in Washington, D.C., deep divisions over emphasizing social issues over fiscal matters threatens to fray party unity. In the longer term, youthful party members--and prospective young Republicans--are increasingly untroubled by a group that the GOP once reliably demonized: America’s GLBT citizens.

Tea Party Faction Rejects GOProud’s Plea for Inclusion

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Nov 23, 2010
In response to last week’s letter to GOP leaders by Tea Party groups and gay conservative group COProud, a rival Tea Party faction has sent its own letter, a missive full of demands and conditions--including a demand to retain DADT.

GOProud Urges Party to Ignore ’Social Issues’ (Like Gay Rights)

By Kilian Melloy | Monday Nov 15, 2010
The Tea Party helped to return the Republicans to legislative power in the House and narrow the Democratic majority in the Senate. Now the Tea Party, along with a gay conservative group, is asking the GOP to bear in mind who their friends were in the last election--and what they want to see from their elected lawmakers.

Election results disappoint Florida’s LGBT activists

By Joseph Erbentraut | Wednesday Nov 10, 2010
In spite of disappointing election results, Florida’s LGBT activists have already begun to shift strategy as they look towards 2012.

O’Donnell questions separation of church, state

By Ben Evans | Wednesday Oct 20, 2010
Republican Christine O’Donnell left her law school audience buzzing when she challenged her Democratic opponent to show where the Constitution requires separation of church and state, and a day later, the two Senate candidates are set for more face-to-face forums.

Tea party hopefuls in close races

By Michael R. Blood | Friday Oct 15, 2010
Weeks from the elections, the tea party has proven it’s no flash in the pan. More than 70 of its candidates are on ballots from coast to coast, and nearly three dozen are locked in competitive House races.

O’Donnell Softens Anti-Gay Message in Debate

By Randall Chase and Ben Evans | Thursday Oct 14, 2010
Christine O’Donnell, a tea party favorite, has drawn attention for her comments years ago that she dabbled in witchcraft as a teenager and opposed masturbation in a crusade against premarital sex. She frequently sought during a nationally televised debate to distance herself from her past views, softening her rhetoric on issues such as homosexuality and evolution.