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Lesbian Couple Takes Turns Getting Pregnant

FAMILY | By Winnie McCroy | Apr 22
A lesbian couples is getting Interwebs famous for posting photos of their growing family.

Study Finds Correlation Between LGBT Rights and Quality of Life

FAMILY | By Christiana Lilly | Feb 22
LGBT Americans living in states without protections are more likely to have a lower quality of life, according to a study released by the Williams Institute.

Sweating with Your Sweetie :: The Pros and Cons of Getting Your Burn on Together

FITNESS | By Blake Beckcom | Feb 22
It's important to take into consideration the pros and cons of working out with your spouse, to insure that both of you are successful in accomplishing your health and fitness goals.

Kansas Now Issuing Gender-Neutral Marriage Forms

FAMILY | By Heather Hollingsworth | Dec 12
Kansas has begun issuing gender-neutral marriage forms amid ongoing litigation over its same-sex marriage ban.

Ira Sachs on 'Love is Strange'

MOVIES | By David Lamble | Aug 30
An interview with "Love is Strange" director Ira Sachs explores his philosophy and methods as American queer film's most adroit chronicler of relationships.

Marriage Equality's Race Back to the Supreme Court

FAMILY | By Justin Snow | Aug 11
A case challenging Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage reached the U.S. Supreme Court Friday, marking the third marriage equality case now before the nation's highest court.

New Website Supports Gay Dads

NATIONAL | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Jun 15
Celebrate Father’s Day by visiting Gays With Kids, a website designed to help gay dads navigate fatherhood.

Lesbians at Helm of Woven, LGBT Financial Resource Site

RETIREMENT | By Winnie McCroy | Dec 11
A new Oklahoma-based company, with many women in top positions, is the first to provide comprehensive legal and financial resources to the LGBT community.

Reddit User Asks Community to Help Him Support His Now ’Out’ Son

PERSONAL TECH | By Jacob Long | Oct 2
A man identifying himself as a 43-year-old father appealed to the Internet Sept. 18, asking for guidance with his gay son. Here are the top-rated answers from the Reddit community.

New Book Series About LGBT-Headed Families

HOME | Sep 17
Rainbow Rumpus’s downloadable books help introduce the concept of families headed by LGBT parents to children’s classrooms. ¬†Each contains information about how to talk about LGBT-headed families with children in an age appropriate way.

1 thru 10 of 19 Stories