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UK Bi Teen Lied About Hate Crime Attack, Police Say

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Mar 12, 2014
The claims by a British bisexual teen who said he was viciously attacked because of his sexuality last month are false, according to local authorities.

Out Dutch Politicians Campaign on Grindr

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Mar 6, 2014
Two out politicians from Amsterdam have taken their campaigns to a new level: they have created profiles on the popular gay hookup app, Grindr.

Boston’s BRC Proclaims March as Bisexual Health Awareness Month

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Mar 5, 2014
Energized by the historic White House Roundtable on Bisexual Issues held in September 2013, the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) proudly proclaims March as Bisexual Health Awareness Month.

UK Bi Teen Beaten in Alleged Hate Crime

By Jason St. Amand | Saturday Mar 1, 2014
A British teenager, who identifies as bisexual, has come forward on social media to talk about about being attacked in what he believes was triggered by his sexual orientation.

’Millionaire Matchmaker’ :: Bisexual Men Are Gay

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Jan 9, 2014
Patti Stanger, better known as the star of Bravo’s reality show "Millionaire Matcher," is making headlines Thursday for her comments on bisexuality.

Russian Bi Activist Released From Detention, Will Get Asylum Hearing

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Dec 11, 2013
A bisexual activist facing deportation from England to Russia was released from detention after thousands signed a petition.

Online Support Groups Help LBT Breast Cancer Survivors

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Nov 13, 2013
In an effort to help lesbian, bisexual and transgender breast cancer survivors across New York state, the National LGBT Cancer Network has initiated an online forum and support group that can help those who may find it difficult to attend evening groups.

Georgia Teen Kicked Out of Home for Being Bisexual

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Nov 4, 2013
A teen from Georgia says that his parents kicked him out of their home after they found out he is bisexual.

The Good Wife - The Fourth Season

By Michael Cox | Monday Aug 26, 2013
Inexplicable and gripping characters make this series surpasses all our expectations. It may be messy, but you still want to plunge right in.

HIV Skyrockets in So. African Lesbians From "Corrective Rape"

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Aug 21, 2013
Ten percent of lesbians in South African are HIV-positive, with the practice of "corrective rape" the likely cause, a recent study suggests.