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Russia is So Anti-Gay, FIFA World Cup Can’t Be Held There

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Jul 7, 2014
As FIFA looks at Russia to host the 2018 World Cup, officials are concerned that the nation is so homophobic, it won’t jibe with FIFA’s stated mission to fight discrimination at the World Cup.

US Takes LGBT Rights Global

By Vanessa Gera | Saturday Jun 28, 2014
President Barack Obama’s administration has taken the U.S. gay rights revolution global, using American embassies across the world as outposts in a struggle that still hasn’t been won at home.

God Loves Uganda

By Lewis Whittington | Friday May 23, 2014
Roger Ross Williams’ expose of antigay mercenaries Lou Engels and Scott Lively as the architects of international empire built on religious hysteria.

LGBT Community Mobilizes in Face of Brunei’s Anti-Gay Law

By Justin Snow | Sunday May 11, 2014
With the expected implementation of an anti-LGBT law in Brunei that would punish homosexuality with death by stoning, LGBT-rights advocates are mobilizing against the financial interests of the Southeast Asian country.

Gill Action Boycotts Brunei-Owned Beverly Hills Hotel Over Anti-Gay Law

By Justin Snow | Saturday Apr 26, 2014
Due to the expected implementation of a Brunei law that would make homosexuality punishable by stoning, a major LGBT advocacy organization is relocating a scheduled conference for donors from a historic hotel.

Gay Gulag

By Will O’Bryan | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
Russia’s moment in the luge limelight is being colored by fears of terrorism and the country’s crackdown on human rights - particularly against the LGBT community.

Dozens Arrested For Being Gay In North Nigeria

Tuesday Jan 14, 2014
Human rights activists say dozens of gay men are being arrested in northern Nigeria. They say such persecution will increase since President Goodluck Jonathan signed legislation banning same-sex marriage and criminalizing gay clubs and associations.

Gay ’Prisoner of Conscience’ Dies In Cameroon

Sunday Jan 12, 2014
A gay man in Cameroon who was jailed for sending a text message to another man saying "I’m very much in love with you," and who was later declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, has died, according to a lawyer who worked on his case.

Nigeria Lawmakers Pass Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

Thursday May 30, 2013
Lawmakers in Nigeria passed a bill Thursday banning gay marriage and outlawing anyone from forming organizations supporting gay rights, setting prison terms of up to 14 years for offenders.

Cruising for a Bruisin’ When Cruise Lines Dock at Anti-Gay Ports

By Steffany Skelley Gilmer | Sunday Dec 23, 2012
Getting away on your dream cruise could be a nightmare if your port of call is homophobic. A recent case of two American men arrested for "buggery" while still aboard their ship in Dominica raises awareness of this issue.