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Missing Air Algerie Plane Reportedly Carrying LGBT Activist Mariela Castro

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Jul 24, 2014
Fidel Castro's niece and LGBT activist is reportedly on the Air Algeire jetliner that went missing Thursday morning.

Cuba’s LGBT Community Celebrates International Day Against Homophobia

Friday May 17, 2013
A week of drag shows, colorful marches and social and cultural events in Havana culminates Friday with celebrations of the Intl Day Against Homophobia. Hundreds of activists have taken part in the activities headed by first daughter Mariela Castro.

Fidel Castro’s Niece to Get Gay Rights Award in US

By Kathy Matheson | Wednesday May 1, 2013
The daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro will be allowed to travel to Philadelphia to accept an award for her gay rights advocacy, officials said Tuesday, reversing a previous decision to reject her visa request.

Organizers: Mariela Castro Will Visit Philadelphia

Tuesday Apr 30, 2013
The daughter of Cuba President Raul Castro will travel to Philadelphia to accept an award for her gay rights advocacy.

US Won’t Allow Castro’s Daughter to Visit Philly

By Kathy Matheson | Friday Apr 26, 2013
The daughter of Cuba President Raul Castro cannot visit Philadelphia to receive an award for her gay rights activism because the State Department has denied her permission to travel there, officials said Thursday.

Cold War Revisited: Red Baiting Used to Belittle Gay Marriage

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Jun 29, 2012
The conservative website LifeSiteNews cited an article by the otherwise-obscure Communist Party of Australia’s advocacy of marriage equality, because apparently the Homosexual Agenda ultimately comes down to a Communist conspiracy.

In US, Castro’s Daughter Focuses on Gay Rights

By Lisa Leff | Thursday May 24, 2012
The daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro brought her fight for gay rights to a U.S. forum Wednesday, stressing the need to secure social equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation.

Mariela Castro Tops US Visit With Transgender Talk

Wednesday May 23, 2012
The daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro is in San Francisco to meet with gay rights activists and to chair a panel at a prestigious academic conference.

Cuba’s First Daughter Has Gone Beyond Castro Name

By Andrea Rodriguez | Wednesday May 23, 2012
Mariela Castro, a married mother of three and member of Cuba’s most powerful family, has paved her own way in making gay rights her life’s cause. And now the daughter of President Raul Castro is about to make a controversial visit to the U.S.

Cuban President’s Daughter to Meet With Gay Groups

Monday May 21, 2012
Cuban first daughter Mariela Castro is planning to meet with San Francisco’s LGBT community during a U.S. visit next week that is being opposed by some Cuban-American politicians.