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By Jake Mulligan | Friday Apr 18, 2014
We don’t expect existential terror from a movie like "Disney’s Bears," but then, if we always got what we expected from movies, we wouldn’t have to go see them in the first place.

The Act of Killing

By Louise Adams | Friday Apr 18, 2014
Documentarian Joshua Oppenheimer asked Indonesian death squad executioners to reenact their 1965 mass murders of over one million ethnic Chinese "communists."

Dancing in Jaffa

By Kevin Langson | Friday Apr 11, 2014
Pierre Dulaine, a renowned dancer, has decided to return to Jaffa, the embattled city outside Tel Aviv where he was born. He is bringing with him Dancing Classrooms, a program designed to improve young lives through ballroom dancing.

I Am Divine

By Tony Pinizzotto | Wednesday Apr 9, 2014
Put your Cha-Cha heels on and get it home to your trailer home rumpus room, because Jeffery Schwarz’s documentary is ready for you to "warm it up in your own little oven."

25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards: Visible and Understood

By Chris Carpenter | Tuesday Apr 8, 2014
This year’s L.A. edition of the GLAAD Media Awards will feature filmmaker Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and the subject of her documentary "Bridegroom," Shane Bitney Crone, who faced the indignities of a pre-marriage equality era after his life partner died.

Campaign Of Hate: Russia And Gay Propaganda

By Kyle Thomas Smith | Monday Apr 7, 2014
Michael Lucas delivers rush work on a matter of the utmost urgency.

The Unknown Known

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Apr 4, 2014
Erroll Morris conjures a sense of reasonable doubt, but his new doc’s sentiment is put solidly across: The Rumsfeld of now, like the Rumsfeld of the 2000s, is probably subjecting us, to a greater or lesser extent, to a snow job.

Matt Livadary on Gay Rodeo Doc ’Queens and Cowboys’

By Mike Halterman | Friday Mar 28, 2014
Hotspots Interviews "Queens and Cowboys" Filmmaker Matt Livadary and Florida Gay Rodeo Association Founder Todd Garrett.

Particle Fever

By Monique Rubens Krohn | Friday Mar 28, 2014
An entertaining, thrilling documentary peppered dazzling graphics about the launch of the Large Hadron Collider and the search for the Higgs boson.

Finding Vivian Maier

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Mar 28, 2014
When John Maloof bought a box of old photos for $300 at an auction, he was thinking he’d use the images as research. What he found were clues to a much more mysterious personal history of a gifted and prolific photographer.