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Is Trump® a Muzzle on Free Speech?

POLITICS | By Sue O'Connell | Sep 24
Mr. Trump is not the first candidate to have a name that is also a brand. But will Mr. Trump's legal team crackdown on Trump latex masks? Life-size cut-out stand-ups?

Election 2015: Openly Gay Candidates Take to the Ballot Across Carolina

POLITICS | By Matt Comer | Aug 15
A record number of openly gay and lesbian people are tossing their hat into the ring for a chance to represent constituents in cities and towns across North Carolina.

Republicans Back Cuccinelli for Virginia Governor

POLITICS | By John Riley | Jul 25
If Republican primary voters in Virginia had their way, the Old Dominion could be seeing a repeat of Ken Cuccinelli's run for governor. And according to a new poll, he could actually win this time.

The Grand Ole' Party, the Sunshine State, and the 2016 Election

POLITICS | By Ian Maloney | May 23
Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush refuse to evolve on the issue of LGBT equality despite the overwhelming evidence that the rest of the country has had a profound shift toward that equality.

A More Inclusive CPAC :: Interview with ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp

POLITICS | By Justin Snow | Feb 28
When the Conservative Political Action Conference convened this week, Matt Schlapp had a message for gay conservatives: You are welcome here.

Botticelli Confirmed as Director of National Drug Control Policy

POLITICS | By Sue O'Connell | Feb 20
Last week the US Senate confirmed Michael Botticelli as the new Director of the White House Office of Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). Botticelli, who is openly gay, is also the first director who is a substance abuse survivor.

Secretive Groups Poured $25 M Into State Elections

FINANCE | By Philip Elliott | Dec 17
The Center for Public Integrity analysis also showed that the secretive outside groups were quite successful, exceeding the victory rates of groups that disclose their donors.

Sen. Merkley Announces Plans to Introduce LGBT Civil Rights Bill

POLITICS | By Justin Snow | Dec 12
Sen. Jeff Merkley formally announced Wednesday his intention to introduce a comprehensive LGBT civil rights bill in the next Congress.

Portuguese Police Detain Ex-Premier in Fraud Case

INTERNATIONAL | By Barry Hatton | Nov 22
Former Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates has been detained by police as part of an investigation into corruption, money-laundering and tax fraud, Portugal's Attorney-General's office said Saturday.

LGBT Leaders Urge Community to Hold the Line

LOCAL | By John McDonald | Nov 20
Court wins in states across the United States were blunted by the electoral process two weeks ago as Democrats took a drubbing at the ballot box.

1 thru 10 of 95 Stories