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"101 Vagina" Goes on National Book Tour

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Apr 7, 2014
Photographer Philip Werner has compiled 101 black and white photos of women’s vaginas, with a message, story or poem written by the subject to accompany the photo. The result is the profound and cheeky "101 Vaginas."

The Bear Necessities :: Venfield 8 on ’Bear Hill’

By Kilian Melloy | Sunday Jan 26, 2014
EDGE checks back with mystery man and innovative photographer Venfield 8 about his new book, "Bear Hill."


By Christian Cintron | Thursday Jan 9, 2014
This simple book is a collection of photographs of a transgendered performer in the 1990s. However, it challenges gender identity, references various fashion movements, and is a testament to a NYC icon. Not too bad, huh?


By Michael Cox | Friday Oct 4, 2013
"Hombres" by Joan Crisol is 81 pages of underwear, swimwear and athletic wear, modeled by absurdly chiseled European men in exotic, Spanish settings. It’s all the most flammable ingredients, yet nothing seems to catch fire.

Inheritors Battle for Artist’s Sexualized Celebrity Photo Archive

By Michael Cox | Tuesday Aug 13, 2013
Nude photos of Burt Reynolds, Barbara Streisand’s famous profile and some scandalously sexual shots of a very young Brooke Shields are all part of a photo archive that attorneys for Francesco Scavullo’s life partner say he deserves.

Women Voice their Divine Power with WAVE

By Antoinette Weil | Friday Aug 9, 2013
Women’s Avenue for Voicing Empowerment, or WAVE gives lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight women an opportunity to come together to embrace themselves, support one another and perpetuate empowerment for all women.

Photographer Mario Testino Gets ’In Your Face’ with Celebs, Royalty, in First American Exhibit

By Kilian Melloy | Monday Oct 22, 2012
For three decades, Mario Testino has documented Royalty, Celebrities, and beautiful people having fun. He’s photographed album covers, magazine covers, ad campaigns, and fantasias of glamour. Now he has an exhibition at the MFA in Boston.

Celeb Photog’s Homage to Local Men Benefits Atlanta Pets

Thursday Oct 11, 2012
PALS (Pets are Loving Support) is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that loves animals. It provides pet care including free food and basic veterinary care, and support to the companion pets of senior citizens as well as critically ill and disabled Atlantans.

Furniture Fantasies: "Modern Furniture: 150 Years of Design"

By Mark Thompson | Tuesday Sep 4, 2012
The new trilingual, 720-page edition of "Modern Furniture: 150 Years of Design" is a sweeping retrospective of furniture design, ranging from an 1859 "bistro chair" to the latest design trends through 2011.

"The Light of London" Showcases City at Dawn and Dusk

Monday Jun 25, 2012
It was Samuel Johnson who wrote, "By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show." "The Light of London," the extraordinary photography collection shot by renowned photographer Jean-Michel Berts, captures the city at twilight.