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Pound Puppy's Canine Capers

By Jim Provenzano | Saturday Sep 13, 2014
With a sexy combination of nightlife traditions and new innovations, the monthly Pound Puppy events at The Eagle (and a few other venues) have become one of the more popular and diverse parties.

What's HOT South Florida :: 9/11 - 9/15

By Scott Holland | Thursday Sep 11, 2014
Hopping around town, mourning Joan, getting "Cheeky" with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett... HOT, HOT, HOT!

On the Tab :: Sept. 11 - 18

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Sep 11, 2014
Try to remember the kind of September with laughs and queens and bears and cocktails. Try to remember, but if you forget, we wrote all these events down for you.

Head "Back to School" With Dyke Night's Second Saturday

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Sep 10, 2014
On Saturday, September 13, Boston's Dyke Night presents their Second Saturday with the Machine Back to School Party, an annual event that encourages guests to dress in their favorite school-themed attire.

Working Guys

By Cornelius Washington | Saturday Sep 6, 2014
An evening of music, sensuality and unforced masculinity dedicated to the men we see all around us each day, helping great men who volunteer their physicality and time to helping people with HIV. What could be better than that?

On the Tab :: Sept. 4 - 11

Thursday Sep 4, 2014
Are you back to school or in a schooling mode? Ready to learn new grooves and matriculate some new scenes? Move up a grade with your nightlife.

What's HOT South Florida :: 9/04 - 9/10

By Scott Holland | Thursday Sep 4, 2014
Work and play, mix and mingle... but above all, keep it HOT! We'll tell you how, where and when.

On the Tab :: Aug. 28 - Sept. 4

Thursday Aug 28, 2014
The fall harvest of Labor day weekend fun continues into September.

What's HOT South Florida :: 8/28 - 8/31

By Scott Holland | Thursday Aug 28, 2014
Classic film, concerts, fashion, parties, BBQs, and -- 40 years on -- a special celebration of an American classic. The End of Summer? Who says? It's still hot, hotter, and HOTTEST!

On the Tab :: Aug. 21 - 28

Thursday Aug 21, 2014
What are the chances? The chance of getting a lap dance at the Castro Theatre? The chance of enjoying drawings and drinks at the same time? Chances are your chances are pretty good!