Grave Halloween

By Ken Tasho | Sep 30
With no special features on the DVD and a tepid movie presentation, this is one horror tale that should be overlooked.

Rethinking Normal: A Memoir In Transition

By Danielle Behrendt | Sep 30
When a baby is born, the first question we ask is whether it is a boy or a girl. However, at that point, you can tell what a baby's sex is, but they cannot yet tell you their gender.

Ivory Tower

By Louise Adams | Sep 30
This documentary questions the current consumer-driven college system that "encourages leniency rather than rigor" and capitalist expansion over the bare bones, hard work of learning.

Thank You For Your Service

By Daniel Scheffler | Sep 30
Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan - how will they fit into the lives they left behind?

The Zone Of Interest

By Daniel Scheffler | Sep 30
A black comedy set in the Holocaust.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles

Sep 29
Former actress Amanda Bynes was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of driving while under the influence of a drug, authorities said Monday.

Dylan O'Brien in "The Maze Runner"

Running the Maze with Dylan O'Brien

By Fred Topel | Sep 29
At 23, Dylan O'Brien is finding himself at a movie franchise. EDGE spoke to the young actor about starring in "The Maze Runner," the hit adventure film based on another YA franchise.

The Benham twins

Roundup: Top 5 Ridiculous Comments From Values Voter Summit

By Jason St. Amand | Sep 29
Sarah Palin's 1400 Pennsylvania Ave gaff wasn't the only stupid thing said at the Values Voter Summit podium this week. Here's our round-up of the top 5 anti-gay statements.

Pentagon Wants Tighter Soldier Loan Protections

By Jim Kuhnhenn | Sep 29
Aiming to restrict lenders who prey on members of the military, the Obama administration on Friday moved to close legal loopholes that have placed hundreds of thousands of service members at risk of excessive payday and other short-term loan fees.

Expecto patronum, bitch!

Christian Rewrites 'Harry Potter' So Kids Don't 'Turn Into Witches'

By Winnie McCroy | Sep 29
Worried that reading the popular 'Harry Potter' series will turn her children into witches, a Christian mother has rewritten the popular books with less spells, more prayers and a straight Professor Dumbledore.